Sunday, March 27, 2011

my whole foods escapade

Dear Whole Foods, I love you. I have always loved you for your great produce, good prices on healthy foods and proximity to my house. But yesterday I re-fell in love with your sweet checkers.  Love, Amy 

Here's the back story: I went to my midwife on Friday cause I wasn't feeling well. We suspected I picked up  a little virus, which meant no student leadership retreat this weekend for me :( Sad, I had been working on it and looking forward to it for a while.) My orders were rest and fluids. Saturday Adam was at work and I was home alone, feeling sad and bored. So I started flipping through recipes, which is actually what my grandma does to pass the time as well. Daisy is a smart one!
I decided I needed to get out of the house and was inspired by a delicious Real Simple recipe Michelle had made for Adam and I a few weeks ago. I was cruising the aisles of Whole Foods and noticed I was starting to feel pretty nauseous. I made my way to the check-out line and thought I was just having a morning sickness episode and was trying to compose myself until I got to the car :)  I swiped my credit card and leaned over onto the counter. My legs started tingling, I started sweating, colors started changing and then fading out and I realized I was about to black out. I managed to tell the checker that I was about to faint and I stumbled over the a booth right in front of the check out stand.  One of the checkers brought me a cup of water and offered to call someone for me. I told her it would probably pass and I should be fine.  Then after about 5 minutes, I came to more of my senses and realized I should NOT be driving, let alone walking to the car with bags of groceries.
Then came a tear-filled call to Adam asking him to leave work and come get me.  I knew I was going to be fine but I had never come close to blacking-out before so I think it startled me and I was slightly embarrassed. Adam said my face was pale white when he got there. The checker came and checked on me a couple more times before Adam showed up and I really appreciated her caring concern!!  When we got home he made me a protein shake and gave me lots of sympathy- which we have discovered makes me feel better when I'm sick :) {Note to any pregnant women: drink protein shakes! They have been my lifesaver for morning sickness and weakness. I used to think all powdered protein was gross but I use Cinch protein by Shaklee and I love it. I just use one scoop instead of two.}
I spent the rest of the day on the couch watching a marathon of Deadliest Catch concluded by How the lose a Guy in 10 days. My conclusion: I have no desire to ever fish for crab and How to lose a guys in 10 days never gets old. I texted my sister and mom (mainly cause I wanted their sympathy:) and I found out my mom experienced the same thing a couple times in her pregnancies, which made me feel normal. 
Today I am feeling better and am finally tackling the chipotle tacos- they are in the slow cooker now :)  And since my bracket is already ruined- I hope VCU beats Kansas. Time to root for the underdogs!


  1. I'm glad you didn't black out and that you're feeling a little better! That would be scary when you are out alone. Chipotle tacos sound yummy. Can you send us the recipe when you get a chance?

  2. Hey Amber! If you click on the "Real Simple Recipe" it should be hyperlinked right to the recipe page :)

  3. girl!!! so sorry you had to deal with that. I LOVE YOU!!!