Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Well hello there blog.  Long time no see!  Let's see, where to start. In the past two months we uprooted from Denver, moved to Austin, bought a house, Adam started construction on his store, Emma Kate started walking, I stopped eating gluten...again, and we have taped and painted our way to making our house feel like home. 

I was reading One Thousand Gifts and there was a quote in there about how "hurrying is a clear sign of an amateur".... And that I surely am. I have sweat so much in the past few weeks- not from working out.  Just form hurrying! Lame.  Oh well, just a little reminder that I, Amy Callaway, am a work in progress :)  

I have never been a big advent celebrator. Actually, I never really understood what it was until a few years ago. I just remember watching the candles flicker in church during the sermon.  This year though, for the first time, Advent feels really super important to me. Like that feeling you get when your birthday is coming up and you're hoping everyone remembers.

advent |ˈadˌvent|
I actually looked up what the word "advent" even means and the grand old dictionary informed me it means "the arrival of a notable person."  I guess in the midst of a lot of change and unknown, I am deeply anticipating and celebrating the arrival of Christ in a way I haven't before, both with a rooted peace and rest that He came, redeemed and His presence is with us now; and with a knot-in-my-throat hope and anticipation that He is coming and He will redeem and we will know Him more fully.

I'm thankful that I can look back and see how God has drawn people to himself and brought healing to this world,  but in the brokeness and overall messed-up-ness of people, systems, creation, etc.. I also long for Him to still come and redeem and restore. During advent I'm reminded that I daily need his presence and redemption in my marriage, my parenting, my friendships, my work, my neighborhood, my city, my world. 

"O come, Thou Day-Spring, come and cheer
Our spirits by Thine advent here
Disperse the gloomy clouds of night
And death's dark shadows put to flight.
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel. "

Rejoice, Rejoice, Emmanuel, shall come to thee.....................


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Honey Bee Birthday

Things have been busy for the Callaways! After moving 900 miles south, we are starting to catch our breath and catch up on life. Oh and by the way, we have a ONE year old!! Emma Kate is talking up a storm and working on her walking skills. Her favorite words are momma. daddy. water. sassy. kitty. meow. cow. moo. walk. night night. car. purple. flower. cheese. honey. ball. dog. pig. oink. bee. buzz. duck. quack. puffs. toes. shoes. shirt. turtle. frog. bath time. book. ouch. done. more. please... and many more!
We decided to celebrate her birthday in Denver before we skipped town. Here are some photos of our little Honey Bee :) 

My hens! i miss these girls a ton! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

9,10 & 11 months

Emma Kate, in three weeks you will be 1 year old! My my how time flies!  With all the busyness of moving, I got a little behind on posting your pictures. Better late than never! In the past 3 months you have perfected your crawl and are on your way to walking any day! You are always on the move these days unless you are looking at a book. My favorite time of day is reading you books before nap time. It's my way of luring you in to being still and cuddling on my lap :)

You are getting to the age where you definitely have more preferences, you pick out the books you want to look at, you pick out shoes you want to put on, and you are starting be tight lipped towards squash and spinach. (We will work on that one! ) 

You love going to the park in the mornings and crawling on the playground and playing with the other babies.  You absolutely love and sometimes demand when mommy and daddy hold your arms up to walk.  

You have always been my chatty girl, but the last few weeks you have definitely added to your vocabulary. You love to mimc animal sounds and names of objects in your books. Whenever we ask " Emma Kate what does the duck say?" You reply "quack quack quack" in a kind of whisper. Melts my heart every time. I know I'm your mom but I think you are just the cutest little spitfire ever! We love you sweet girl and cant believe you will be 1 so soon! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the octobers....

Dear October, thanks for keeping things interesting!!  With the change of summer to fall, you always bring a life-change for the Callaways :) Let's see what it will be this year! 

OCTOBER 7, 2009
We carved pumpkins and started dating...done and done.

OCTOBER 9, 2010
We said "I do"

OCTOBER 12, 2011
Our little Bean made her debut!! 

OCTOBER 1, 2012
The Callaways are moving from here....

to here!

That's right! We are headed back to my roots :) We are planning on staying with my family in San Antonio for a few weeks while we search for a little nest of our own in Austin. Why the move? Well well well, you would never guess, my raft and backpacking guide of a husband is taking on a new adventure...opening his own business! That's right, we will be opening an Urban Mattress in South Austin and we are so thrilled! I'll share more on the company and our decision to start our own in another post, but in short, we love the company & the impact they have on the community, and are excited to put down roots for our little family.

Quick plug: 2% of every purchase goes to local non-profits and I am currently looking for 3 non-profits that are meeting needs in the Austin community that we can partner with in this way.  Let me know if you have any non-profits you'd like to give a shout-out for! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

the pool

Four swimsuits, two sun hats, and an almost empty bottle of sunscreen later, the pool is closing for the summer on Sunday!   My secret plan to make Emma Kate love the water as much as I do will have to wait until warm weather and long summer days return to us once again.  What started with a fun little family swim class this spring, turned into a standing appointment with the outdoor pool in our neighborhood almost every afternoon this summer.  Sweet sweet pool, you will be very missed!
getting her swim lesson certificate- so proud
swimsuit #3

naps on the way home from the pool are the best!!

making friends

swimsuit #4

waiting out the afternoon storms

finally befriending sunscreen

giving up the sunhat battle in late july :) phew!
two happy swimmers :) 

Monday, July 9, 2012

7...8...going on 9 months

After some technical difficulties our laptop is up and running again and I can finally catch up on some posts!

Emma Kate, I can't believe in 3 days you will be 9 months old! These last few months have been some of my favorites. It feels like every day you are learning something new! Now that you are crawling, we have entered the new phase of baby proofing! Corner bumpers, plug covers, cabinet latches, door stops, etc... who knew one tiny little house could have so many safety hazards!

Your favorite skills of the moment include waving hi, playing peek-a-boo like a pro, eating puffs all by yourself, and as of two days ago- standing up on your own!  This morning you fell over and bonked your head on the floor, which led to a few tears, but you rebounded quickly :)

Your eyes are still dark blue but now they have a little brown in the center and they are beautiful! You still have your rosy round cheeks and the prettiest and brightest smile that stretches from ear to ear and makes your eyes squint. I love it! At about 7 1/2 months you had a big growth spurt and you outgrew your 6-9 month clothes! Even though you are getting long and lean you still have the sweetest little chubby thighs I have ever seen! You look great in a swim suit ;)

Now that you are more independent and able to do things on your own, I love watching you crawl from room to room, talking as you go.  I love when you take a break from your toys to crawl into my lap for a quick hug and squeeze and then crawl back to your toys for more play. I think my favorite time of day is reading books before naps and bed time. Its the only time of day you are ever still!  I love how you lay your head against my chest and rub the inside of my wrist with you chubby little fingers as I turn the pages. My heart just melts every time :)

....And some 7 month photos