Monday, July 9, 2012

7...8...going on 9 months

After some technical difficulties our laptop is up and running again and I can finally catch up on some posts!

Emma Kate, I can't believe in 3 days you will be 9 months old! These last few months have been some of my favorites. It feels like every day you are learning something new! Now that you are crawling, we have entered the new phase of baby proofing! Corner bumpers, plug covers, cabinet latches, door stops, etc... who knew one tiny little house could have so many safety hazards!

Your favorite skills of the moment include waving hi, playing peek-a-boo like a pro, eating puffs all by yourself, and as of two days ago- standing up on your own!  This morning you fell over and bonked your head on the floor, which led to a few tears, but you rebounded quickly :)

Your eyes are still dark blue but now they have a little brown in the center and they are beautiful! You still have your rosy round cheeks and the prettiest and brightest smile that stretches from ear to ear and makes your eyes squint. I love it! At about 7 1/2 months you had a big growth spurt and you outgrew your 6-9 month clothes! Even though you are getting long and lean you still have the sweetest little chubby thighs I have ever seen! You look great in a swim suit ;)

Now that you are more independent and able to do things on your own, I love watching you crawl from room to room, talking as you go.  I love when you take a break from your toys to crawl into my lap for a quick hug and squeeze and then crawl back to your toys for more play. I think my favorite time of day is reading books before naps and bed time. Its the only time of day you are ever still!  I love how you lay your head against my chest and rub the inside of my wrist with you chubby little fingers as I turn the pages. My heart just melts every time :)

....And some 7 month photos 


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  1. AMY!!!! i cant even get over how cute she is. I was to eat her up for real. :) she would be such good besties with my girls!!! wish we were closer. :) shes such a good mix of the two of you!!!!