Wednesday, June 6, 2012

great outdoors

Last weekend we took a little family day trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park to show Emma Kate the great outdoors. She surprisingly did great in the car!  After a stop for lunch and a swing session at a playground, we finally made it to the park and bought our annual park pass! (We ended up exiting the park and going to this little lake where we didnt even need the pass. Oops! Oh well. Good motivation to go back right?)  We also got to try out our hiking backpack, which Emma Kate loved.  I remember persuading Adam to come with me to the cloth diaper store while I was pregnant. But somehow, instead of walking out with cute and colorful cloth diapers, we walked out with a brand new baby hiking backpack? If you know Adam at all, you know this shouldn't have surprised me at all :) Hiking packs are way up there on Adam's list of basic needs :)

Adam and I have been under a pile of stress for the past few weeks and there is something that is so good for my soul about getting in the mountains.  I love the space it gives me. Space from my routine, space from piled up laundry, space from my phone and email, space to breath and think and watch and rest.  

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