Friday, April 15, 2011

moments of vanity and maternity jeans

vanity |ˈvanətē|noun ( pl. -ties)excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements it flattered his vanity to think I was in love with him the personal vanities and ambitions of politicians. See notes at egotism, pride .• [as adj. denoting a person or company that publishes works at the author's expense vanity press.the quality of being worthless or futile the vanity of human wishes.dressing table.• bathroom unit consisting of a washbasin typically set into a counter with a cabinet beneath.

For the purpose of the post, I mostly relate to definition numero uno. I was actually pretty unaware of my vanity, until last week when two conversations totally led to one vain conclusion...
Conversation #1- In the bathroom- I got on the scale and was crying to adam processing through gaining 3 pounds since I've gotten pregnant. "I feel anxious to gain weight cause it will take forever to loose it.""'re pregnant"
Conversation #2 - Adam had an intervention with me about maternity jeans. "Why don't you want to wear your maternity jeans?""Cause I don't want to be showing yet.""Why?""Because I want to look like one of those super fit pregnant women who don't show until they are further along" (which I realize is totally unrealistic- I'm in healthy shape but I have never nor probably will ever describe myself as super fit)"But your other jeans are uncomfortable""I know, but I don't want to have to wear maternity jeans yet?""But why would you wear jeans that are uncomfortable when you have jeans that were made to wear when you are pregnant?""Because I am vain." ...and cue conviction....
I remember as a kid stuffing pillows under my shirt to make-believe I was pregnant. Funny how now when it's really happening, I get super body-conscious and focused on and my appearance... and miss the joy in it! Somehow pregnancy becomes about how I look, or want to look and not about this incredible life that God is forming inside of me. Thankfully, I have people like Adam in my life who bring me back to reality and remind me of what's really important.  We had a midwfie appointment on Wednesday and got to hear the heartbeat again and the baby had moved up a ton! It's now sitting just below my belly button over on the right side.  Baby actually l.o.v.e.s the right side and has been there all week. When I look down at my stomach, the right side sticks out more than the left- which actually looks pretty funny. Everyday, the reality of having a baby becomes more and more real and I am totally floored by God's ability to create life and form people in his perfect timing.   
Dear Sweet Baby, bring on the nausea, weight gain, side pain, migraines, are totally worth it! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

the siblings visit

In the past two months, both of my siblings have made trips out to Colorado to see us! So here is a a synopsis of their trips in photo form :) 
the bro's trip- Adam and Adam went snowboarding while I was home with morning sickness so I don't have many pictures of his visit. 
 the Adam's researching how to brew beer
Adam looking through his Brew Kit he got for Christmas... I'm pretty sure we must be singing here because our mouths have the same shape. Can you tell I'm feeling queasy? 
 My sister and Isaac's trip!
 Adam and I both got our first pair of Tom's.... I have worn them everyday since.
Then a trip to our favorite restaurant: Beatrice and Woodsley

The whole inside has a yellow light to it.. Hence- the photos

 Adam decided to shave his beard off and go get a hair cut- which led him to get creative with his shaver

 me- kindly denying a kiss from the mustache man

 Isaac taught us how to make homemade salsa

And finally a present from Sarah and Isaac for Baby Callaway :)