Thursday, April 14, 2011

the siblings visit

In the past two months, both of my siblings have made trips out to Colorado to see us! So here is a a synopsis of their trips in photo form :) 
the bro's trip- Adam and Adam went snowboarding while I was home with morning sickness so I don't have many pictures of his visit. 
 the Adam's researching how to brew beer
Adam looking through his Brew Kit he got for Christmas... I'm pretty sure we must be singing here because our mouths have the same shape. Can you tell I'm feeling queasy? 
 My sister and Isaac's trip!
 Adam and I both got our first pair of Tom's.... I have worn them everyday since.
Then a trip to our favorite restaurant: Beatrice and Woodsley

The whole inside has a yellow light to it.. Hence- the photos

 Adam decided to shave his beard off and go get a hair cut- which led him to get creative with his shaver

 me- kindly denying a kiss from the mustache man

 Isaac taught us how to make homemade salsa

And finally a present from Sarah and Isaac for Baby Callaway :)