Saturday, May 28, 2011

the nesting begins

Adam completed one of his first tasks as a dad by putting the Bean's crib together on Tuesday. I felt like it was a pretty momentous occasion so I took pictures. The crib was a great find! It's a wood pottery barn crib that I got from a garage sale for $75! The couple loaded it in my car for me and told me I had "good karma."  I stopped by another garage sale in our neighborhood and they gave me a wooden child's snow sled for free and told me to enjoy being a parent :) Thank you sweet couple! I think we will! 
I'm guessing the baby's room will be my "work-in-progress" for the summer but its' fun to have it started!  I'll post pictures when we have more stuff together. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

20 weeks

Today Adam and I had our twenty week ultrasound and it was incredible! The baby started moving alot more over the past week so it was really cool to actually see what's going on inside. Baby is in the breech position and loves to use my stomach for a pillow and kicks my bladder with it's feet every few seconds- which may explain my continued nausea and constant urge to go to the bathroom.  It was really active during the ultrasound and susie had a hard time getting it to hold still long enough to show us what was what. We saw it suck it's thumb about four times in the 30 minutes we were in there which was super cute! The picture below shows Baby's head on the left and tummy on the right with an arm and hand reaching towards the mouth- sucking on that thumb. In other images you can see a clear shot of the babies nose and this baby is definitely a Yablonski/Callaway combo with a pointy little schnoz.  Susie said everything looked great, all measurments were in the healthy range and Baby's heartbeat was 144. Life is such an undeserved miracle and this makes us even more excited to meet our little bean! 

You may be wondering if it's a boy or a are we?!! We decided to wait and let it be a surprise for delivery so Adam can be the first one to announce it.  I kept going back and forth over the last few days on whether I thought I could really wait to find out - but the decision was kind of made for us when the Bean's legs were crossed or it had it's back toward us kicking up a storm. What do you think? BOY OR GIRL? leave a comment and let me know....

Friday, May 13, 2011

one day...

My friend Laura sent me a link for this super cute owl costume. It may be a little early but I am determined that one day Baby Callaway will embrace this costume! I better start brushing up on my sewing skills! The instructions and more pictures are found at Mom Inc Daily.

In other news.. I have a new found love for banana splits. I ate almost the whole thing split this one with Adam at Little Man Ice Cream when Kate and Jared were in town. I also might have made another banana split when I got home from babysitting today. No way to know for sure.... besides the banana peel in the compost and the dirty bowl in the sink :)

I also got to celebrate my first almost mother's day! We had a full fun day with friends and Adam got me flowers and Emily and Michelle found this sweet card for me. Baby is starting to move more and more so becoming a mom is definitely starting to feel more real! I'll be excited for the day Adam can feel it too! 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

6 months

Last weekend Adam and I went on a little road trip to celebrate our 6 month anniversary!  We have a National Parks pass so we thought we'd make the most of it and go to Arches, Mesa Verde and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  It was great to get away from work, chores and to-do lists and be in beautiful places!  Adam planned the whole thing and did most of the driving!  I offered to drive some of our last day but I only lasted about 3 hours :)  It was super snowy and we got stuck behind someone from Arizona who was very content to go 20 under the speed limit through the mountain passes.  I was frustratingly tailgaiting patiently following our Arizona friends when Adam offered to drive again. What can I say- he's a GREAT HUSBAND.

In other news... I officially have a baby bump, I think I could be the new spokesperson for Zofran (a med that gets rid of nauseau), I now love and live in my maternity jeans, time on campus is coming to a close for the school year, my daffodils bulbs are blooming and Kate and Jared are coming to visit today!

Here's a few photos of our trip:

Love Muffin Cafe in Moab- great breakfast burritos
Mesa verde
We got seperated on the tour
Hi Snowy Ouray!