Friday, May 13, 2011

one day...

My friend Laura sent me a link for this super cute owl costume. It may be a little early but I am determined that one day Baby Callaway will embrace this costume! I better start brushing up on my sewing skills! The instructions and more pictures are found at Mom Inc Daily.

In other news.. I have a new found love for banana splits. I ate almost the whole thing split this one with Adam at Little Man Ice Cream when Kate and Jared were in town. I also might have made another banana split when I got home from babysitting today. No way to know for sure.... besides the banana peel in the compost and the dirty bowl in the sink :)

I also got to celebrate my first almost mother's day! We had a full fun day with friends and Adam got me flowers and Emily and Michelle found this sweet card for me. Baby is starting to move more and more so becoming a mom is definitely starting to feel more real! I'll be excited for the day Adam can feel it too! 

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