Wednesday, May 2, 2012

to the swings

On most afternoons, I put Emma Kate in the BOB, with bunny and her wubbanub by her side, and we start our walk to the park.

As we walk down our street, the smell of burgers and fries coming from Park Burger makes me all of a sudden feel incredibly hungry.  I tell myself, "tonight Amy...tonight you should totally get fries, a cheeseburger and a milk shake for dinner," and by the time I walk another block, I have talked myself off the ledge of that calorie mountain :)  

One of the things I love about my neighborhood is that even though we live just a couple miles from downtown, anytime of day I go for a walk, I pass at least 5 other moms with strollers, if not more. It gives me a sense of camaraderie, like somewhere just a few houses down, another mom is changing diapers, pureeing sweet potatoes and convincing their 6 month old that naps are really fun. Sometimes, if it's been a hard day,  I'll swing by Pajama Baking Company and get myself a well deserved Almond Latte...delish.  Then, we turn right and head on to the park where Emma Kate's favorite activity awaits her!!
Swinging! Pure J-O-Y. She squeals and laughs and people watches (a trait she got from yours truly ;) and loves every second. Adam has tried the slide with her a few times but, she doesn't seem too impressed yet. Garage sale season is around the corner and one of my goals is to find one of those swings we could tie up to the plum tree in our backyard. She would be in swing heaven! Wish me luck! 

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