Monday, April 30, 2012

then and now: spring

Emma Kate has been a marathon napper this past week! Yesterday I took advantage of the extra down time and crawled back in bed, cup of coffee in hand,  and sorted through old photos from the past few years.  I came across our engagement photos and realized they were taken this time exactly two years ago.
Spring 2010:

 Don't we look so young, rested, and in better shape? I got a big grin on my face looking at these pictures because we just had no idea what the future had in store!

Spring 2011:

Spring 2012:
Now instead of wedding planning and awaiting our little Bean's arrival, our days are spent with less sleep and more early mornings watching the sun rise, less showers and more diaper laundry, less happy hours and more crock pot cooking, less reading and more experiencing, less time working out and more walks with Emma Kate, less nights out and more time in our back yard, less adult conversations and more goofy sounds and funny faces, less researching and more realizing that parenting is kind of a guessing game: some people are just better at looking like they have it all together :), less assuming and more communicating, less fancy and more simple, less control and more prayer, and for this soul- less restlessness and more contentment.

contentment |kənˈtentmənt|nouna state of happiness and satisfaction:
what I see in my backyard


  1. amy- so much of what you said resonated with me. thank you for this post.

  2. ames - i LOVE this girl. I love your descriptions of the more vs less, and can totally relate to each of them SO thankful you are getting to experience all this!!! :)