Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the octobers....

Dear October, thanks for keeping things interesting!!  With the change of summer to fall, you always bring a life-change for the Callaways :) Let's see what it will be this year! 

OCTOBER 7, 2009
We carved pumpkins and started dating...done and done.

OCTOBER 9, 2010
We said "I do"

OCTOBER 12, 2011
Our little Bean made her debut!! 

OCTOBER 1, 2012
The Callaways are moving from here....

to here!

That's right! We are headed back to my roots :) We are planning on staying with my family in San Antonio for a few weeks while we search for a little nest of our own in Austin. Why the move? Well well well, you would never guess, my raft and backpacking guide of a husband is taking on a new adventure...opening his own business! That's right, we will be opening an Urban Mattress in South Austin and we are so thrilled! I'll share more on the company and our decision to start our own in another post, but in short, we love the company & the impact they have on the community, and are excited to put down roots for our little family.

Quick plug: 2% of every purchase goes to local non-profits and I am currently looking for 3 non-profits that are meeting needs in the Austin community that we can partner with in this way.  Let me know if you have any non-profits you'd like to give a shout-out for! 

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