Monday, September 24, 2012

9,10 & 11 months

Emma Kate, in three weeks you will be 1 year old! My my how time flies!  With all the busyness of moving, I got a little behind on posting your pictures. Better late than never! In the past 3 months you have perfected your crawl and are on your way to walking any day! You are always on the move these days unless you are looking at a book. My favorite time of day is reading you books before nap time. It's my way of luring you in to being still and cuddling on my lap :)

You are getting to the age where you definitely have more preferences, you pick out the books you want to look at, you pick out shoes you want to put on, and you are starting be tight lipped towards squash and spinach. (We will work on that one! ) 

You love going to the park in the mornings and crawling on the playground and playing with the other babies.  You absolutely love and sometimes demand when mommy and daddy hold your arms up to walk.  

You have always been my chatty girl, but the last few weeks you have definitely added to your vocabulary. You love to mimc animal sounds and names of objects in your books. Whenever we ask " Emma Kate what does the duck say?" You reply "quack quack quack" in a kind of whisper. Melts my heart every time. I know I'm your mom but I think you are just the cutest little spitfire ever! We love you sweet girl and cant believe you will be 1 so soon! 

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