Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tuesday of rest

the start to our day of rest

For Lent, Adam and I decided to take a sabbath day every week- a real-deal day of recognizing God can and does control and work out all things for good without my anxious intervention all the time.  Between our two work schedules, Monday and Tuesday are our "weekends" that easily get filled with to-do lists, errands, emails and voicemails.  So this past tuesday, we silenced our cell phones and steered clear of checking email all day- A big accomplishment for both of us :)

Our day of rest started at Wash Park, where we had high hopes of reading, journaling, contemplating life etc..... but then it got too windy, so we figured going to get sushi fits into the "rest" category.  After sushi we walked down to my favorite home store where we laid on the couches I had fallen in love with back in December. In the past three months we have probably spent a total of 6 hours lounging on these couches in the store. So we "rested" on our couches and by the time we were done at the store, we bought them! What?!  Definitely not the most restful or unstressful purchase to add to our sabbath day- which of course we didn't even realize until after all was said and done and I was laying in bed verbally processing my potential buyers remorse to Adam who was desperate for sleep.  What can I say- we are works in progress :)

Then we came home and measured them and realized they are going to be absolutely ginormous in our little living room, but we will love and accept them anyway :)  After our couple hour distraction from "sabbathing" we finally got some peaceful quiet moments at home to read, pray, journal, listen, process life and it was actually a really sweet time. So here's to our next sabbath- may this day of rest be evermore restful and present with the Lord in mind, heart and spirit than the last. 

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  1. so love that yall are doing this "sabbath" - much needed, esp before a little! Love around tomorrow for a phone date? I will call! Miss you!! excited yall got the couches, im sure they will be even better at your home than at the store! God will make them fit perfectly! :)