Tuesday, July 30, 2013

someone on the other end!

That's right! Bean #2 will be joining us soon! My due date is January 27th (a day after my birthday ;), but if this pregnancy is anything like my last one, mid-february is probably a safer bet! (Emma Kate was born 12 days after her due date!)

We are so thankful for another little life and for Emma Kate to have a sibling. What a blessing! We had our first appointment a few weeks ago and got to see our little one in action and a beating heart which always feels like a huge relief.

I'm nauseous as usual and tired, the only difference is now I'm chasing around a very. active. toddler!! Motherhood is the biggest gift, but ain't for the faint of heart either! Right? I know feeling sick is a sign of a healthy pregnancy for me so I'm thankful for it. (on most days :)

Emma Kate knows there is a baby in my tummy but that is about the extent of her understanding.  Even though she doesn't totally understand what it means to be a big sister, I know Emma Kate will fill that role with flair! She is so spunky. imaginative. playful. passionate. determined. energetic.... and I'm sure this next little one will never get bored with an older sister like Emma Kate! We ask her about names for the baby and she has come up with "Peach, Lady, Kid, Boy, Ginger, Ariel, Eric, Cinderella, and the most popular choice...Emma Kate."

We are excited to become a family of four and are planning on soaking up the next few months with just Emma Kate. With being sick and tired and navigating toddlerhood, I'm experiencing God as my "pasture-maker" in a different way than I ever have before. I'm sure having another baby will be the best and hardest thing we have ever done and we are so thankful that God is extending our family!

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