Thursday, June 13, 2013

seven month (accidental) hiatus

I can't believe I haven't written in 7 whole months! My my how time does fly! Well to bring you up to speed since December- Emma Kate is now 20 months old, I turned 30 years young, and Adam opened the doors to his new store in January.

After two years of living in transition, it feels like we are finally starting to put down roots here in Austin and it feels good and slow and stressful, but good.  I have picked up a little freelance writing work which has been fun to dive back into, and with the store having a few months under it's belt, Adam is finally able to take some quality time off! The time to rest as a family is a huge blessing and we have been filling our days with walks around our neighborhood and trips to the pool. It's supposed to hit 100 this week and I'm already dreading it. I haven't spent a summer in Texas since 2005 and I think we are all in for a shocker!

Emma Kate is becoming a little independent toddler before my very eyes.  When did this happen?!!!! She talks in sentences, sings songs, plays dress up, and loves checking out the tomato plants on our cul-de-sac. I had high hopes of being one of those moms that runs and gardens. But I am neither, so we enjoy our neighbors tomato plants instead :)

She is learning to share and be brave and talk with other kiddos and it is so sweet to watch.  She has what we call "Lady Liberty" moments where she doesn't want any help and insists on figuring things out for herself-which can sometime end in a pile of tears, if the legos aren't stacking up right. Sometimes as a mom, it's hard to not just jump in and help her avoid the frustration but I know it's good for her to discover things on her own and its giving her confidence in who she is. And who she is is pretty great! 

Emma Kate made a big switch a few weeks ago where Mommy became old news and Daddy was all the rage! She cant' get enough of her sweet Daddy and Mommy is trying to take it in stride. Her new thing this week is saying "Mommy go away" and I tell her that it's not kind to say that, and then she says "Please?!" Oh well, baby steps right? She was a mommy's girl for a long time so I guess I can learn to share :) 

We are slowly doing projects around our house (which I will have to post about later), and making it our own little home. Even though we have been here 7 months now we still feel a little like lone rangers- which is never ideal for this little extrovert :) . Emma Kate and I are able to get out and go on play dates and go to a mom's group while Adam is working (which has been so life-giving!)  but it's been more of a challenge to get to know people as a family of 3 when we have to balance nap schedules and busy work schedules.  Now that Adam has more time off, we can say yes to more opportunities to get to know people and try out churches and get involved in things but the process is slow going.  I always forget how long it takes to forge friendships but I know it's definitely worth the effort.  Hopefully summertime will be a great season for our family to build some deeper friendships here in Austin!  

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  1. YAYYYY!!!! You blogged again! And so glad that things are going well and there is time for yall as a family!! LOVE YOU FRIEND