Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's a B.O.Y. and other updates...

Adam and I had our 20 month appointment for baby #2 and we found out it's a boy! I totally thought it was a boy the whole time and so did Adam so we weren't totally surprised. We waited till Emma Kate was born to find out boy or girl, so this is the first time we actually will have some lead time to plan a boy's nursery, pick out boy clothes, pick out a name. It kinda feels weird. A good weird, but still weird. We know this little man is coming and he's not here yet!  Hopefully this will make the transition for Emma Kate a little easier if she can wrap her mind around us bringing home a baby brother. She really wants to name him "silverware," but I don't think that's gonna fly. We are 99.9% sure on the name so maybe I can get started on some artwork soon for his room!

We took Emma Kate to get snow cones to reveal boy or girl. When we showed her the huge blue snow cone we asked her what it meant but she just kept saying, "I want that!" "Can Emma Kate have some?" "I want some!"  At least she was excited for the treat right?

 Everything looked great so far in our ultrasound, but we have to get another ultrasound next visit because little man didn't want to give us a face or profile shot , so they couldn't complete the anatomy scan to make sure everything is ok. Emma Kate was literally jumping up and down on my bladder, and sucking her thumb during our ultrasound with her. But this little one is more of a "roller."

In other news, Adam turned 32 on September 16th, which makes him 2 years older than me for the next few months, which makes me feel young :). And the little miss is about to celebrate her 2nd birthday! I know. I can't even talk about it. She is seriously in such a fun stage and I can't believe she's almost 2!  I want to freeze time! (Except for when she's exerting her will, then I want to fast forward for a bit :)

We are now in the "I no like" phase. "Mommy, I no like hamburgers." "I no like when you touch my hair."  "I no like orange juice." "I no like dat book." "I no like potties." "I no like capri pants." etc... Her new favorite thing is going on a "dinner date with daddy." She gets so excited to pick out clothes, show daddy her outfit so he can oohh and ahh over how cute she is,  and go out just her and daddy. I always get a full report when she gets home about what she ate, and what she saw. It's does my heart good to watch Adam love his little girl so intentionally.

 Emma Kate started Mother's Day Out right after labor day and she is doing great! We both took a couple days to adjust but I feel like she is having fun learning and being around a group of consistent kids each week.  She likes her teachers and already made a craft where she got to glue cotton balls onto a hand print magnet. Every time she sees it on the fridge she says "Mommy, I'm a helper!"  That's right Ek you are a helper!  She seems really secure with her teachers and the class, which is such an answer to prayer since it can take Ek a while to warm up to new people.

While Emma Kate is at MDO I am trying to use my creative side. I'm working on some watercolor prints for friends and for EK and little man. I just bought a nice scanner which felt like a commitment to actually create things to scan.  I'll share some on here when I work up the confidence :) For now, I'll just end with this little photo of ek in a ball pit. She's such a pill!
she cracks me up.

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