Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Under the weather...

The Callaways have been battling a cold this week starting with Adam and then moving onto Emma Kate and now me. Thankfully Adam had it on the front end and I have it on the back end so at least one of us is able to take care of the other.  Sweet Emma Kate has been up a lot at night snacking and needing to cuddle (which I love).  Between the lack of sleep, sore throat and headaches, my grumpiness has shown it's true colors in the mornings; which is never a good look on me and not very fun for my sweet husband who has given me a lot of grace.  But I'm working on it. We've spent alot of time steaming up the bathroom and rocking Emma Kate to sleep in there. Poor thing. It's so sad to watch her try to clear all the gunk from her throat. We also got the nosefrida by many peoples suggestion and it works much better than those nose bulbs!  She hated when we used the bulb (lots of tears) but she doesn't seem to mind the nosefrida as much.  To quote a review on Amazon "It's the grossest thing I ever loved :)"
And on a totally random note I was verbally processing with Adam about how I want to write more often and I don't want to be stuck in a box..blah.blah.blah (you know, one of my usual verbal processing sessions.)  He knows when I need to verbally process cause my rants normally start with "so..Here's the thing..." Adam told me just to "Write from the heart, pump, pump....blood parts" (there definitely were hand gestures to go along with it)  I was totally tracking with him until he threw in the "blood parts." :)

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  1. I remember that bulb and the sleepless nights and the steamy bathrooms! I hope everyone is better very soon.