Sunday, January 15, 2012

The position has been filled

That's right! I was officially hired on by Miss Emma Kate Callaway as her full-time momma. milk truck. diaper changer. entertainment staff. stylist. personal assistant. sleep expert. late night comforter. soloist. body pillow. maid. absorber of the fussies. activities director. complaint department. developmental trainer. snuggle buddy. etc...

My transition to mommyhood has been getting a little easier everyday. I see pictures on Facebook of moms who seemed to walk out of the hospital like they just walked out of a really fun party. Hair done, makeup on, rested, already back in their pre-pregnancy clothes- and  I totally feel jealous  I realize that has not been my story. I left the hospital swollen all over, sore, wearing the stretchiest pants I own, totally exhausted, scared, excited and in L.O.V.E. (next post I have to write EK's birth story, I'm saying this now as accountability) Now I feel like I am coming out the "fog" that so many moms told me about which is probably a combination of God's graciousness and the fact that I am getting sleep in more than two hour stretches. Most days I can still be found, unshowered before 3pm, teeth not brushed yet (working on this one cause I really don't want cavities :), with dark circles under my eyes, smelling like an unusual combination of milk and dirty diaper, probably wearing the same thing I wore yesterday, feeling like this is that hardest job I have ever had and also the most rewarding thing I've ever done and I love it!

I also think that Emma Kate is a pretty great employer. Besides her few really dramatic moments of anger or sadness where you'd think the world was ending (we have no idea where she got that from ;) which can be easily alleviated for me by a quick prayer for patience and the stash of chocolate I keep hidden in the top right hand corner of our pantry),  she is a happy and content baby who is so smiley, talkative, social and loves to play. She has a really flexible schedule, nap times and long walks are included in the job, there are always knew things to learn and do, and like any mom, I think she is the cutest and sweetest and most fun baby in the world!

Leaving my old job in college ministry feels bitter sweet. I loved L-O-V-E-D spending time with college girls and got to go on so many adventures; Spain, South Africa, India, New York, Long Beach, Katrina Relief... However, I feel so thankful that we are in a position where I can be with Emma Kate full-time!  I am looking forward to the bonding time with her and the many lessons I will learn along the way. Right now I am learning how to enjoy the time alone with her (enjoying time alone has never been my strong suit).  If I'm not careful, I can start to focus on what I would have been doing with my day before a kiddo and I totally rob myself of the joy of having her in my life and miss out on the little sweet moments of connection with her that are so precious! I know before I even take breath I will be dropping her off in kindergarten and then taking her to college (which already totally freaks me out.) I'm praying for the ability to be fully PRESENT with Emma Kate and for a sense of peace and confidence in the journey the Lord has me on right now. 

My friends and I had this old tradition where we would bake a Job Cake every time someone got a new job. Maybe emma kate and I need to walk down to Pajama Baking Company today and celebrate our new venture over a cupcake. With sprinkles on it.  Hopefully she will let me eat her half :)