Monday, October 10, 2011

41 weeks...count it out

That's right! Most people would be posting a cute picture of their week old baby wrapped in a blanket laying in a basket by this point but that's not how we roll :) The Bean is still holding out for a later birthday. I'm hoping this means I have a very content and laid back baby :)

Bonbon left today to head back to San Antonio.  What a tease for her to have to leave without meeting her first grand baby! But- she's coming back on the 18th to help out while Adam goes back to work which will be a huge help!  It was actually a sweet gift to have laid back time with my mom before the baby came. We went on walks, cooked dinner, hit up the farmer's market and relaxed all week, (with just a few tears here and there from yours truly :)!

I'm going in for a massage this afternoon so hopefully the Bean will want to move on to bigger and better things besides my belly. 


  1. I think you're right!! Lily was a full 2 weeks late and she's total chill :) You are SO CLOSE no matter what!

  2. I think you are onto something. My little one came 3 weeks EARLY and is NOT laid back! haha. She's a joy...but a little fire cracker :) Wouldn't change it. Praying for you!

  3. Amy you are the best-what a time of endurance and leaning on the Lord. Praying that little baby comes out soon :)

  4. you're one strong lady! and you look amazing amy!