Wednesday, July 20, 2011

sneak peak at the Bean's Room

With a a little over 10 weeks until the Bean's potential arrival, my goal was to get "most" of the Bean's room ready before I start back on campus in August and I did it! Well, actually, Adam did all the heavy lifting, crib assembly and painting the dresser. I got to do the fun stuff like pick out drawer pulls and hang pictures on the wall.  It was so fun to get to be creative and have an outlet and space to nest in! I love spending time in here now! 
The finished $75 Crib I got from the couple who thought I had good karma. The $15 re-painted dresser (now dual purpose changing table)  that used to be bright turquoise and in my kitchen when I lived with girls :) 
The puppy Sarah and Isaac bought for the Bean sitting on a little chair I got for $3 at a garage sale.

I loved this little ceramic owl from West Elm. It's hard to tell because it's white but it has the sweetest little expression.
Adam bought me this print on Etsy this past winter before we even knew I was pregnant.  It says " The wind is cold- but my heart isn't"
I re-used the watercolor I had done for our wedding invitation- For now it says "Adam and Amy and the Bean" until we decide on a name.  
Confession: To keep you from believing I just threw this together in a day without a sweat- you should know that there were some tears shed over not knowing how to decorate without knowing whether the Bean is a boy or girl and stress over feeling like I needed to have everything new so it would coordinate and match like it does in all the pottery barn kids and babies'r'us ads or else I wasn't a good mom.  A tad materialistic? Yes.

Now, I am all for cuteness and feeding that "nesting" urge however suits you, but I'm realizing the "baby" industry is a lot  like the wedding industry.  Somehow they have a way of making you feel like you N-E-E-D to do things like everyone else. I need pep talks from Adam to help keep things in perspective. This baby is a gift and what matters is that we love it and care for it as best we can. A cozy room that I actually like for it to sleep in, be changed in, and nurse in is just icing on the cake! 


  1. amen sister, well said. thats what matters. but...the room IS SO cute!!!

  2. So very cute Amy :) I LOVE mismatched and reused even more than matchy and brand new... way more character! Baby Callaway is one lucky kid!!