Thursday, September 15, 2011

What to say when you're 94

 My Papa turned 94 last friday and this was a little poem he wrote to celebrate the occasion :):


Wow! I have reached the ripe old age of 94. Am I getting old? No! Not Me! In fact, I feel much
better than when I was 93!

But, something happened the other night that sure scared me. I caught the grand old reaper slipping
and snooping around my front door.

My response to him was , hit the road buster, and don’t let me catch you slipping and snooping
around my front door any more.

I’ve got news to the old man they call the grand reaper. I intend to finish 94, and with the Good Lord
willing, a whole bunch more.

I wrote this little rhyme the other day to create a few smiles and laughs on my birthday. So to
celebrate let’s have a party, tip a few, like we always do. Let’s all have fun and see if we can put them
old blues on the run.

Grandma and Papa will celebrate 71 years of marriage this year!

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