Thursday, December 9, 2010

Papa owns a Santa suit

Papa is famous for his annual Christmas poem. They always have to do with Santa doing some activity at the ranch and every year mid-fall my grandpa sets up a Santa "photo shoot" with him in the big red suit. You name it, he's done it. Everything from horse carriages to helicopters. This year's poem is about Santa and Papa fishing together. 

I am in charge of editing and mailing out their card this year of which I consider a high honor and responsibility- not everyone gets a sneak peek at the theme. A few weeks ago my grandma dictated the poem to me over the phone while Papa listened in to make sure she didn't make any mistakes.  My Papa asked me to help edit it, a term which being a journalism major, I take very seriously and my Papa does not

This was our most recent phone conversation:
Amy: "Papa you use the word pole at the end of two consecutive lines. Why don't you change Santa's favorite fishing pole, to Santa's favorite fishing hole?"
Papa: "Well we can't say that, cause we don't know if it is Santa's favorite fishing hole cause he's never fished here before. I think you should leave it like I wrote it." 

We wouldn't want to go on making assumptions about Santa would we? 

Papa's poems have become a Christmas tradition in our family and I'm so thankful he's 93 and still rhyming away. 

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