Thursday, August 19, 2010

50 days and counting

So today is the day. After months of attempting to start multiple blogs I finally did it.  In exactly 50 days I will be marrying the love of my life Adam and losing my incredibly awesome maiden name Yablonski (which, contrary to popular belief, I am actually sad to be losing). But Amy Callaway definitely has a nice ring to it and I'm excited to be Adam's partner in crime for life!

Today I heard about a friend from high school who is supposed to get married in November. She was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and started chemo treatments today.  Her and her fiance decided to pull together a last minute wedding on Sunday so they could be married through her entire chemo process.  It's incredible how love makes you want to be there for someone else in their darkest storms.  Their faith and perseverance and perspective is such an encouragement and challenge to Adam and I as we prepare for our own life together.  Life is so so fragile and weddings are important but so often all-consuming that we miss out on the true blessings meant to be had from them.  I feel so thankful for this season before I'm married and for the blessing of being healthy and able to celebrate with dear friends and family.  How easily I can take that for granted!

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